Starters on today's cars and trucks have various designs but they all have one function. To rotate the engine fast enough for the internal combustion process to begin so that the engine will run on it's own. After the engine has started the cranking motor or starter is just extra weight. 

The modern electric starter is quite durable and should last for about 150,000 miles or more without any issues.  

A non functioning starter is referred to as a "no crank condition".  A functioning starter accompanied by a non running engine is referred to as a "cranks but does not run condition" or more simply put a "no run condition". This terminology is very important in accurately diagnosing your vehicle particular problem. 

One of the most common causes of starter failure is oil leaks. The oil washes the grease out of the starter drive and brings in dirt with it. This will cause the starter drive's internal parts to fail and slip. It is accompanied by a zinging sound when the starter is engaged. Oil also will build up between the brush contact surfaces causing premature brush wear. 

Some starters have other problems that cause cranking issues such as the Denso Offset Gear Reduction starters. The most common symptom with this design of starters is a click, click and no crank sound. At Steve's Auto Electric we can make this a relatively inexpensive repair by replacing the worn contacts and plunger in the solenoid portion of the starter rather than replacing the whole starter. In many cases this can save you hundreds of dollars while still giving you a reliable repair. 

Regardless of the design of starter or depth of problem with the starting system on your car or truck, Steve's Auto Electric can accurately diagnose the issue and offer you the most cost effective solution to get you back on the road again today and for years to come. 


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