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Do you need to have your car or truck battery tested? At Steve's Auto Electric we take battery service seriously. The battery is the heart of your vehicle's electrical system and if it is not functioning properly, almost every electrical system in your car will be affected. Sensitive electronic parts can be damaged if the battery or it's connections are faulty. 

At Steve's Auto Electric we install quality AC Delco batteries.


A car battery can go dead from a multitude of causes.

An electrical drain in the vehicle can discharge a battery within a few hours or it may take several days of non use. Steve's Auto Electric specializes in locating and eliminating battery drain conditions. 

A non functioning alternator or a poorly functioning alternator may cause the battery to go dead while the vehicle is being driven. An alternator can also fail in such a way that it drains current from the battery while the engine is not running. This condition is possible in all vehicles but some makes are more prone to the problem. 

A dead cell in a battery will pull current from the remaining cells and lower the overall battery state of charge. Each cell in a lead acid automotive battery produces 2.1 volts. A twelve volt battery has six individual cells and its static voltage is actually 12.6 volts. After the engine is turned off the battery voltage may measure in excess of 13 volts. This extra voltage is referred to as surface charge. 

An internal short in a battery can cause it to go dead rather quickly. A severe short inside of a battery will cause the battery to get very hot and can be quite dangerous.    


Poor battery cable connections do not necessarily have to be at the battery. Each cable has at least two ends and both ends have to be checked.  Poor battery cable connections can cause voltage drops that may result in a no crank condition. They may also cause uncontrolled voltage spikes that may damage electronic modules and blow light bulbs. 


Although batteries seem to be a harmless plastic box they can be quite dangerous. 

  1. Batteries contain very corrosive acid which can burn skin and blind you.
  2. Batteries contain heavy metals which can cause health and environmental problems.
  3. Batteries emit explosive gases. Sparks and open flames can cause a battery to explode violently. 
  4. Batteries contain a lot of stored energy that if improperly tapped into can have catastrophic results. Among which are thermal and chemical burns, blindness and death.